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Life Changer Int (LCI) vision is to reach the world with a message of Hope and Healing focusing not just on the Abled Body in Rural Communities but also on People with Disability as well excluded Individuals in the rural communities.

We want to see everyone in rural communities regardless of age, gender, disability or race enjoying the love of the Father together while also looking for ways to better their lives and improve communication. We  strive to work hand-in-hand with community members to be actively involved in  helping People with Disability by providing necessary care,support as well as skills development.  A community where each and every individual is treated with respect and love.

Our Strategy is bringing individuals together under one umbrella which is the love of Christ. In practice this means working closing with Volunteers, Organizations, Churches, Community members including Gate Keepers in the rural areas to deliver grassroots solutions and also assist in providing necessary Aided and Unaided Communication devices for people with disability to facilitate better communication and build skills development. 

Our work falls into three broad areas: People with Disability, Skills Development, Relaxation Center.

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