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An Non-Profit Organization with the mission of Reaching the world with a message of Hope and Healing​

We work closely Individuals who are disabled and the rural communities



A warm welcome to everyone . Welcome to Life Changer Int. Life Changer (L.C.I) is a registered non-profit company with the aim of bringing a message of Hope and Healing to the world through life experiences, blogs, podcast , counselling to name but  a few. It is a constant journey where God wants to restore, heal, save, give assurance and hope to anyone who diligently seek him. One of the main core  reasons for the existence Life Changer Int  (LCI)  is to  reach the people with disability in the rural communities in Africa with the message of Hope and Healing that comes from our maker.  

Olulademi Ayedun completed her degree in communication science and then later went on to pursue to a degree in Social Work because of her passion to make a difference in the Community. She went ahead to complete a  postgraduate course in Augmentative and Alternative Communication looking closely at Child and Adult Disability. During her studies, she picked up the gap that existed between the disabled Individual and Rural communities particularly the African continent.

She also picked up the fact that different people in the world because of one reason or the other, need a message of Hope, a reassurance of faith, a word of healing, a word that saves, a message of Solitude because Depression, Mental Stress as well as Suicide is increasing .  After sharing her passion with her husband and remembering some messages, the Lord raised up an Individual who became the driving force to see to the execution and the birth of Life Changer Int.

So during her prayer session on the 25th of April at 10:15pm, the Lord gave her the name Life Changer with a bible verse from the book of Isaiah 28:16 “Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious stone, a sure foundation. The one who believes will be unshakeable” just few minutes later.

Life Changer Int (LCI) shares various stories of healing, overcoming abuse both emotional, physical and mental, depression, loneliness, faith and lots more. Life Changer Int walks on a Journey with Individual who are willing to walk through perseverance and faith. At the end we become that precious stone the builder rejected that is now the Chief Cornerstone.




A project that focuses on reaching the People with Disability in the Rural areas with a message of Hope and Healing. Working hand in hand with community members while meeting needs and dealing with any form of Stigmatization.


Various training from Professional Volunteers for any individual willing to learn. Our training included Farming, Sowing, Graphic Design, Animal Rearing, Digital Marketing/Media, Computer literacy.


People are so much technologically minded that they have drifted from what it means to play. Showing rural community members that they don't need to be in a certain class or hierarchy in order to enjoy themselves or relax. Bringing all Individuals together in Unity


We publish different short easy to read messages, stories, articles and writings. An E-book about the Founder is also available on request only


LCI has various messages on our Youtube site that you can listen too as well as various podcast that talks on life experiences. The Journey to Healing and more.